Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Do you have an aging, diseased, or overgrown tree? We are equipped to remove any tree, healthy or diseased, with the expertise, skill and precision you demand. Although we encourage everyone to keep their trees, inevitably some require removal. Whether your tree has become a safety hazard, an eyesore, or a hindrance to your landscaping, our caring team will remove it without damaging the surrounding landscape.

Tree Removals

Tree removal simply put is dangerous work! Definitely not a job that a non professional should do themselves. Take into consideration just the equipment used; like a chain saw can do some serious damage on a person.  Not to mention you will have to tie off branches that you cut so they don’t damage property or come crashing down on someone. On top of all this please keep in mind that you will be high on the tree as you make the cuts with the saw. ONE SLIP SPELLS DISASTER!

While homeowners and property managers may find it difficult to part with beautiful trees, removing them is sometimes the wisest thing to do. Here are some reasons why you should consider enlisting the help of our tree removal professionals:

• The tree damages neighboring structures

• The tree is dying, diseased

• A storm has damaged the tree

• The tree is a liability

• The tree requires high maintenance

• Your property is undergoing construction

We are experienced in difficult tree removals; our team will follow these safety precautions when removing your trees:

We lower limbs with ropes to minimize effect on landscape.

• We pick up tree trunks with a log loader or cart them off of your property by hand.

• We rake property to clean any areas we may have affected.

At Manatee Tree Service we employ a highly qualified staff of tree service professionals that are committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service possible. Our number one goal is to see you happy.